Hunan HuaHui energy Limited by Share Ltd in 2010, is a private high-tech enterprises established with the approval of Hunan province Industrial and Commercial Bureau; a registered capital of 55 million yuan. The company is located in the beautiful city of Yiyang Silver City, Hunan Province, the provincial capital Changsha is only 48 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.

    As a high-tech enterprise, Hunan Hua Huixin energy Limited by Share Ltd specializing in super lithium ion battery research and development, design, production, assembly and marketing. Super Li ion battery is a patented product with independent intellectual property rights: positive and negative poles are pulled out together. Compared with the traditional lithium ion battery, the product has the advantages of safer use, arbitrary size design, good consistency and so on. The company independently develops fully automatic production equipment, which not only ensures the quality, stability and consistency of products, but also avoids the high cost brought by imported automation equipment. Super lithium-ion batteries, a revolutionary invention and invention, will stand out in the battery industry by its unparalleled advantages. Hunan Hua Huixin energy Limited by Share Ltd will therefore cause the battery to make their own unique contribution.

    Hunan HuaHui energy Limited by Share Ltd has engaged in a lithium battery of many years of work experience in the professional ranks, including senior personnel of the total number of 30%. The factory covers an area of more than 100 mu, the workshop area is 22000 square meters, and the dust-free workshop is 15200 square meters. The company adheres to the principle of green energy and put an end to environmental pollution, and realizes the "three wastes" and zero emissions. The company's current production capacity is 150 million per month ah.

    Super lithium ion battery production company currently has HCC, HFC, HMC, HTC, NSC and other five series, widely used in a variety of dynamic model, mobile communications, electric tools, electric toys, energy storage, backup power supply of portable electronic products, security products, notebook computer, audio equipment, electric bicycles and other fields. With the company's research and development work, the company's products can cover almost all the battery applications market, to make greater contributions to green energy.

    The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification, super lithium-ion batteries have been CE, ROHS, MSDS and other security certification. A wide range of products, cobalt, manganese, lithium iron, lithium titanate batteries have been mass production, size can be customized according to customer requirements, so as to meet the needs of customers in different industries.

Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, quality" purposes, people really Eslite concept, the spirit of innovation and development, is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life and all the care and support of the green energy industry and a person with breadth of vision and make unremitting efforts, striving for the lithium battery industry well-known brands