HuaHuiEnergy, capacitive structure, super lithium battery. The welding of the positive and negative poles is simpler. Waist sealing, double explosion proof design, top particle explosion proof valve, bottom physics cross explosion proof valve, more safe. Five major materials system, various specifications, can cover the vast majority of customers in the market demand. Hua Hui on free energy industry chain, independent research and development of cylindrical lithium battery automated production equipment, and reach the depth of strategic cooperation with several domestic manufacturers of lithium battery materials. There are more than 200 acres owned plant in Hunan of Yiyang, more than 500 of the full automation of electric core production base in Dongguan, there are more than 50 thousand flat own plant, fully automated pack factory more than 200 people full automatic electric core production base and more than 100 people. Can provide a stable production capacity, for the large customer with reliable quality and cost advantages of lithium battery energy solutions.

    HuaHuiEnergy existing HTC lithium titanate series, HFC HCC series of lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt acid lithium manganate series, HMC series and NSC three series of 5 element lithium materials, specifications can be customized according to customer needs, all kinds of materials with different properties, the detailed description is as follows: